Friday, June 18, 2010

Government Online Auto Auctions

Buying a car nowadays requires a lot of effort.  First you have to do all the research on the car.  And once you have done your research you then have to head down to the dealership to find out how much the car will cost you.  You can end up spending weeks traveling to and from all the dealerships in your area – trying to find a deal that best suits you.  Yet you end up spending more than you want on a car that you don’t love.  Not to mention the amount of time you inevitably have to take off from work and making money.  Going to online auto auctions saves you time and money.

Online auto auctions can be a hazardous adventure for the un-researched – you know, the people who see a deal on a 67’ Mustang, put down $5,000 (thinking it was a steal) only to realize that the car has been in four major accidents, and was just recently fished out of a lake.  Hence the need for research.  With the volume of online auto auctions, taking the time to find the reputable cars available would be a good idea.  Remember, there are literally tens of thousands of cars available.  The vast majority does come from legitimate places such as from the government (federal, state, and local).  And more likely than not, you will end up at some form of a government online auto auction.  There you will find cars ranging from the mundane to the outrageous amphibious military vehicle.  Of course you would be wise to find out the vehicle’s history.  More likely than not, that means obtaining the Vehicle Identification Number (If the car has had major work, then make sure that you get the Vehicle Identification Number for any replacement parts, such as the engine and transmission), and using it to get a vehicle history report.  Once you have that vehicle history report, you can make an educated decision on how much you are willing to bid.  The best decision you can make is to stick to that number.  Remember, you will more likely than not be able to find a similar car, for the price that you set.

So, how do you go about finding a reputable online auto auction.  There are many auction sites out there, and many do a good job verifying the sellers, but you can’t always be certain of the source.  Finding these online auto auctions requires careful searching, and knowledge of how online auto auctions run.  And unlike auction houses, there aren’t always verifiable sources.  You can try your luck with a search engine, but you can never be absolutely certain that you aren’t being taken advantage of.  Your best bet would be to activate your free three-day trial. Once there, you can find links to thousands of online auto auctions – auctions that are reputable, because they are done through the government.  Remember to be smart and do your research.  Once you have, you should be good to go, and should have no trouble succeeding at finding yourself a nice car with online auto auctions.

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