Sunday, July 4, 2010

Government Auto Auctions

Government auto auctions happen all the time.  And unlike your typical car auction where car builders will spend hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars to restore classic cars, only to sell them for a lot of money, government auto auctions sell cars that the rest of us can enjoy.  And with, you can search for government auctions on cars, saving you time from having to scour your Sunday classifieds trying to find a deal on an old Ford.

Of course you are probably asking yourself, why does the government hold auto auctions?  Quite simply, the government sells cars that they no longer have a need for.  Cars they use to transport officials, cars for inspectors, cars for traffic agents and just general use cars.  And after just a few years and a few thousand miles, they will get a new car.  Especially nowadays with most local governments trying to save money, they are purchasing more up-to-date hybrid and electric cars to replace their current fleet of vehicles.  This means that your local government may be auctioning off cars that are no more than a two or three years old, for a fraction of their actual value.  Government auto auctions are great for picking up great deals.

Did you ever wonder what happened to the cars seized by the government?  They too get become part of government auto auctions.  Fail to pay the proper taxes, and your brand new import car may end up on the auction block.  That means you can get a practically new car for much less than had you gone to the new car dealership.  You can always just go back to the car dealer and try to negotiate a new rate, but the reality is that you can’t be sure how much they are overselling you.  Just stop for a second and think, a new luxury car at a deep discount can be all yours, all because somebody decided against paying taxes – seems like a good deal, right?  Thought so.  All you need to do is find yourself a government car auction.

Don’t forget about police cars.  The police, just like other parts of government, need new vehicles.  After a few years, they will need new, smarter vehicles that can do more than just chase down bad guys.  With terrorist threats and the need for newer technology, police cars will need to be replaced with more advanced cars.  That doesn’t mean their current cars are bad, just that they need to have a car that can accept this technology.  For you, this means you can get a used police car for a significant discount.  And these cars are no slouches, they are built to last, and go fast.  A car of the same quality bought at a dealership may cost you much more money.

How do you find these deals?  Well, you can call up your local government and speak with the people in charge of handling auctions.  You can also check out your local newspaper, which will usually have listing of special government auto auctions.  You could also search online, and find other auctions outside of your immediate area.  However, all of these options can end up taking hours.  There is one other option though, and that is to activate your free trial, you can search through thousands of listings to find exactly what you are looking for.

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