Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Going RETRO: Feat. 1952 Ford Sedan

1952 FordFans of classic car models be alert! In this upcoming live auction in Williston, Florida is this absolutely gorgeous sky-blue 1952 Ford Sedan that screams the best of the oldies. At 60 years in age and less than 50,000 miles registered on its odometer, this Ford is in better shape than many of the newest cars on the road. With age comes experience and wisdom, and in this case, the beauty also matures along with it.

Glossy-clean on the outside, free of debris and dust on the inside, you honestly can’t go wrong with this car. Of course, you’ll want to inspect it anyway to make sure it’s as amazing as it looks and sounds (and there’s a great chance it is as great as it looks and sounds), but that’s a tactic you have to apply to any used car on the market. At this auction, be prepared to bid against a bunch of other car enthusiasts as this is an opportunity that does not come around very often in this day and age.

If this auction is for you, and if this 1952 Ford is your choice for a car, start right now by registering for your free trial. Once you do so, you can take some time to also check out all of these auto auctions happening around the country via government auctions.

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