Friday, March 15, 2013

The Avenger: Pave Your Way to a Road Thriller

2010 dodge avengerIn the Norwalk, California region is a government auto auction that features this 2010 Dodge Avenger, a powerfully built light-blue streak of wonder. With only 40K miles registered on its odometer, this car can still go for many, many more years to come. Dodge has been around for a century and their models have gone on to be some of the most reliable and identifiable American vehicles.

Going strictly by appearance, this Avenger looks to be in tip-top shape—which means the previous owner(s) have taken great care of it—though it wouldn’t hurt to inspect it some more. Other than a couple of very minor barely noticeable scratches here and there, the car’s aesthetically sound. So if you need a good, powerfully built car that doesn’t guzzle as much gas as your old pickup, stop right here and check out this upcoming online auction.

If you’re interested in this Dodge Avenger or any other cars not just in California, but around the country, register for your free trial right here. You never know what kind of bargains you can score so be sure to also check out all of these auto auctions that are also taking place right now.

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