Monday, April 15, 2013

2006 Black Aston Martin Vanquish: Irresistible!

aston martinIf you’re a government auto auctions attendee waiting for your moment to strike at a great deal for an alpha-dog type of car, you’re time has arrived. Up for auction is this incredibly sleek, irresistible 2006 Black Aston Martin Vanquish, a powerful V12 coupe that can induce hyperventilation and incessant drooling for any car enthusiast that wants to check on its status. Less than 14K miles on its odometer! Minimal aesthetic blemishes (other than minor damage to the front bumper)! And it’s black. Jet black. Oh, the appeal…

Sure there could be Lamborghinis or Ferraris here and there. Some Corvettes and Porsches could show up time and again. But an Aston Martin. You won’t be getting your hands on one that easily, let alone at an auction, so you will definitely have to bring your A-game to the table. As mentioned, car enthusiasts will be drooling all over this one, on top of the professional car dealers who will probably make this their prime target at this upcoming live auction based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Hey, money talks, and even at a big opening price tag of $57K, that’s still great compared to what a new Aston Martin can fetch at actual car dealerships.

If you want to seize this opportunity, start by registering for your free trial so you can have access to all sorts of info regarding car auctions, along with all sorts of other government auctions. If you’re in it for the cars specifically, check out all of these auto auctions to get a taste of what’s around you. Just a heads up, there aren’t many Aston Martins around.

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