Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1920s Ford Model A: You Won’t Find Another

ford model aYou read that correctly. Up for auction is this Ford Model A car that’s from the late 1920s. That makes this vehicle close to 90 years old. Give it another decade and you can perhaps own a car from a century ago. How does that feel? It’s an experience that a miniscule percentage of people in this country can claim. It’s not just a vehicle that you can try to restore into driving condition, but it’s art. It’s history. It’s culture.

While this car may not be drivable (yet), it’s definitely worth the collector’s value. In addition, if the need to drive this ancient machine arises, nothing more than a few restoration and maintenance appointments should get it back up and running. It might not be a sleek speedster, or a powerful monster on wheels, but it’ll be a venerable relic of the past that will attract more attention than probably the next Rolls Royce on the block. If you’re in the market for collecting cars of ages past, then check out this upcoming live auction based in North Dakota.

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