Monday, May 6, 2013

2002 Toyota Camry XLE: Reliability at its Best

2002 Toyota camry xleToyotas and Hondas have been known for their reliability and longevity for as long as the manufacturers have been in the industry. This 2002 Toyota Camry XLE, for example, despite being over 10 years old, can still go on strong even at 140K miles registered on its odometer. It’s not surprising to find Camrys with 200K miles or 300K miles by the end of the car’s days. So if you need to do some heavy driving, this Camry can still last several more years. And if you’re just a casual driver who rarely ever commutes long distances, you can easily double this car’s lifespan.

Based in Colorado, anyone in the surrounding region can check out this car. Inspecting a car is the first step to getting a good deal, so you must do your homework. It’s an abandoned car, so the mechanical aspects of the car are unknown. But if the car suits your tastes or requirements, bid on it in this upcoming online auction. Time’s ticking away as there is less than a week left before the sale deadline. And with the current bid only at $750, someone can potentially make out with a huge steal even with personal, out-of-pocket repairs and maintenance fees included.

To start, register for your free trial and gain access to many more government auto auctions happening right now around the country. You can check out this particular car auction on top of others, so while you’re contemplating buying this vehicle, you can also check out all these other auto auctions as well.

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