Thursday, June 13, 2013

2012 Jaguar XJ: Almost Brand New

2012 jaguar xjWho knows what kind of trouble this 2012 Jaguar XJ‘s previous owner got into. Since this car was seized by the U.S. Marshal, the owner’s loss is your gain. You can get this Jaguar almost brand new. It has a mere 1,632 miles on its odometer so this car really did not get to go very far before it was seized and put up for auction. The car will be sold in its location in an upcoming live auction in Louisville, Kentucky.

Dark blue, leather interior, pure gloss. This is a car that demands attention. Navigation system included. Clean carpets in great condition. Overall condition of the car is great. Now if you can scrounge up a few grand to participate in this auction, you’ll have a chance to bring this phenomenal vehicle home and call it your own. Considering it’s virtually undriven (1K+ miles on it is pretty much nothing), this car should fetch a pretty high price, but obviously not as high as a brand new car that rolled out of the manufacturing plant.

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