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Friday, April 12, 2013

NYC Sheriff Vehicle Auction – Live in New York!

New York City. The financial capital of the world. One of the fashion capitals of the world. The city that never sleeps. On the outskirts of Manhattan, in Staten Island, just a short subway ride away, will be an upcoming live auction that features many seized vehicles up for the public to buy. All live in New York! Dozens of models ranging from Hondas to Fords and Chevrolets will be available; which one will be yours with be completely up to you.

Like the many car auctions that take place throughout the country each day, the types of vehicles you can find at this auction range far and wide. Many are from the early-mid 2000s, while some date back a little further to the ’90s. You can expect a lot of people to attend this auction, considering it’s taking place right near the heart of the massive metropolis. If you’re within the tri-state area of the Northeast, this auction would be a nice one to attend and check out if you’re hunting for a new ride.

To start, first register for your free trial so you can get access to all sorts of government auctions happening around the country. Not just cars and not just in New York. But if you are focused on cars, the opportunities are endless; so check out all of these auto auctions to give yourself the head start you need.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2011 GMC Yukon XL Denali – Practically New

2011 GMC Yukon XL DenaliIf you’re not big on clunkers or older car models with well over 80-100K miles, you might want to consider this grand 2011 GMC Yukon XL Denali, a hefty vehicle that has barely over 12K miles registered on its odometer. This car is in great condition, with very minor scratches on the rear end. While the price tag for the car will be closer on the side of market value, it is still incredibly likely that it will be sold for less than what you would get at a used car dealer. Located in Alabama, you can find this GMC at an upcoming live auction.

This 2011 model comes with a built-in navigation system, power steering, automatic transmission, 4-wheel drive, heated leather seats, 6.2L V8 engine, custom wheels and much more. No doubt the one who wins this car will be leaving with an incredible bargain. Carry your family around. Pool your friends together. Transport your gear. Hook up a trailer and bring your boat. This GMC can do it all.

Anyone interested in this Yukon should start by registering for a free trial on in order to check out this car that’s up for grabs in addition to all of these other auto auctions.

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