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Friday, May 3, 2013

BMW R-SERIES, One Way Ticket to Glory

BMW R-SeriesGood things come to those who wait. And for those who have been waiting patiently all year for their dream motorcycle, the time has arrived. This BMW R-Series motorcycle is available at an upcoming online auction, but not much is known about the model or year of this motorcycle, though by appearances alone, it appears to be a mid 2000s model. All we know right now is that it is a very sleek and powerful bike that will be sure to attract a ton of attention when the time comes to bid on it.

The motorcycle itself is based in Utah. Those interested should definitely try and keep up with news on this particular auction. If you want a new motorcycle, it’ll be tough to say no to this monochrome masterpiece of a bike. Your dreams of blazing across the country without obstacles will soon become reality if you can get your hands on this motorcycle. Plan accordingly and save up for the bidding process.

Register for your free trial if you want exclusive access to a slew of car and motorcycle auctions happening throughout the country on a daily basis. While you wait for the day this motorcycle goes up for auction, you can also check out all these auto auctions going on in the meantime.

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

2003 Dodge Durango: Hit the Trail

2003 dodge durangoIf you’re in need of a vehicle that can easily take you from point A to point B without hassles and also have the capability of carpooling eight or more people (if you count the trunk space; we don’t condone riding in the trunk), plus have the power to transport some heavy duty equipment and supplies, then you need to look no further than this 2003 Dodge Durango. It’s a decade old, but that doesn’t stop vehicles like these. After all, it’s just a tick over 50K miles on its odometer. This thing can go on for another decade easily with proper maintenance.

In this upcoming online auction, you can find this Durango for a great bargain price. As of now, with less than a week remaining for bids, the car’s only at $3,500. That is a phenomenal price for a multi-use vehicle with respectable mileage. Money is going to be saved here, the question is, will it be you? No matter what, it’ll beat trying to bargain down a salesman at a dealership.

Register for your free trial today to gain access to a plethora of info regarding government autos auctions. This Durango waits for no one, so don’t hesitate. If you’re interested, you can also check out all of the other auto auctions that are happening now and in the days to come.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Conshohocken, Pennsylvania Car Auctions

Conshohocken (pronounced exactly the way it’s spelled: con-sho-hock-en) is a nice little area in by the suburbs near Philadelphia, and it’s definitely a great area in Pennsylvania to hold a government cars auction. In this series of upcoming live auctions, you can get your hands on a huge variety of different cars of various makes, models of different years. If you’re a professional dealer, you certainly don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to stock up. If you’re just someone looking to pick up a new ride, this auction would be ideal as well.

To get an idea of what you can find at the auction, there are several newer Dodge Avengers and Rams available, some Chevy K1500 trucks, and numerous Fords. Whether it’s sedans, SUVs or trucks, you’ll be able to find them here. And such is the case in many auctions in general, the best part is that you can potentially nab a vehicle of your choice for a significantly lower price than what you would pay for at established dealerships. Great news for the car salesmen looking to build up an inventory and also great for people who just want that one car to help with their daily errands and routines.

In order to participate in these auctions and get some more important information, you have to register for your free trial now. Once you have an account you can check out this upcoming auction and also check out all of the other auto auctions happening near you.

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Monday, April 29, 2013

2000 Infiniti I30: Affordable Luxury

2000 infinitiNot often will you have the chance to own a luxury vehicle for a miniscule fraction of the actual car value. This 2000 Infiniti I30 may be old and a little banged up, but it’s still drivable and it’s still an icon for luxury. The downside is that it has over 250K miles logged on its odometer, but that’s no surprise coming from a 13-year-old vehicle that’s meant to be driven. There are stories of well-cared for cars that have gone over 300K miles and still continued strong, so could this Infiniti be next?

All cars should be properly inspected before you make a push for it. At this upcoming online auction (the Infiniti is actually located in Atlanta, Georgia), you have the opportunity to ask questions and make sure this car fits your lifestyle before you bid on it. But it’ll be sold for a really low price, so would you want to pass up on the opportunity? If you’re in need of a car that can still get you from point A to point B, yet look good doing so, this could be your chance. With all the money you can save, you can probably put a little extra cash into cleaning the vehicle up and put in some work to make it last longer. Make it worth the investment.

Start right now by registering for your free trial to get more information on this car and other car auctions. With that said, check out all of the auto auctions that are happening right now near you. You never know where or when the next bargain-priced luxury vehicle will show up.

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