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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2000 Volvo S40: Modesty

2000 volvo S40Here is a vehicle that’s up for sale at a very low price. Don’t worry, it starts and drives just fine. It’s a 2000 Volvo S40, a very modest car for general purposes. That’s right, for someone who’s simply looking for a ride and doesn’t want to shell out a few grand for a used car that’s only slightly better than this Volvo, look no further. It’s green. Modest. It has vinyl seats. Modest. Its power windows actually don’t work and needs minor repairs. Modest. It has a few dents and scratches on the outside. Modest. But remember, it does drive and it does work. It’s modest. If it sounds like the right car from the bargain bin for you, then take part in this upcoming online auction.

To get more information on this particular auction, you should register for your free trial. Bargain vehicles are always up for sale, so don’t miss out on the opportunities.

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Monday, August 12, 2013

1989 Porsche 911: Stylin’ Black

1989 porsche 911It seems like we’ve been getting a ton of Porsches lately being listed up for government auctions around the country. No one’s complaining, though. This 1989 Porsche 911 is the latest one on the block and it’s a good one. At around 18K miles logged on its odometer and in great condition, there’s plenty of reasons to desire this Porsche. Did we mention it’s jet black? With the looks of a genuine racecar? More points for this Porsche.

Like many other sports cars, there’s not much interior space for you carpool your friends or family in. This is mostly a solo car, designed for the singles or the retired just looking for a quiet ride on the road, alone in the open. Just attend this upcoming live auction based in Utah to get a closer look. Be aware that despite being a 20+ year old car, this Porsche can still fetch a decent amount of money, so bring enough cash if you plan on winning.

To get more information on this vehicle, register for your free trial. There are plenty of cars up for auction around the country today, and by the looks of it, this won’t be the last Porsche you see up for auction. But for now, take advantage of this opportunity.

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