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Friday, March 1, 2013

Rosedale, Maryland – Colossal Autos Auction!

Anyone living in the northeast should definitely take a look at these upcoming live auctions that are happening in Rosedale, Maryland. The car choices featured there are astounding, ranging from very standard Ford models (sedans and SUVs), Chryslers and Jeeps, to a nice assortment of reliable Hondas and Mazdas. If you’re in the hunt for a new ride or if you’re an auto dealer looking to stock up your inventory, look no further: Rosedale is your destination.

The vast majority of the cars up for sale are used, as many of the models are from the ’90s. So the idea is to get these cars for cheap, bargain prices. Great if you’re a regular consumer in need of a car. Great if you’re a car dealer looking to make a profit.

To get started on these auctions, you should first start by registering for your free trial, and then proceed to check out all of these auto auctions that are up for grabs at the many government auctions happening around the country. Your next car is waiting for you!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vans of Harlingen, Texas

vansWhen you need a transport—a big one and reliable one, that is—you have to look to the vans and trucks. But what if you don’t need a truck for lugging around equipment and supplies? What if you just need to carpool a ton of people around, either for work or personal ventures? Look to these vans of Harlingen, Texas. With a bunch of neat older models like the 2001 Ford Econoline E150 Van, the 1998 Dodge Ram Wagon B3500 Van, and the 1997 Ford Aerostar Van—all of which are in the veteran’s zone of 100K miles and beyond—you know you’re getting reliable vehicles to fill your needs.

While these vans do have a lot of mileage recorded, as long as you take care of the vehicles, they’ll go for another 100K or more. You won’t be driving these vans to look good anyway, so you can take that aspect completely out of the equation. Just check for engine and motor issues, make sure all the emissions tests are good and the tires are in tip-top shape with all the miles they’ve been through.

All these vans are up for sale at an upcoming live auction in Harlingen. Start today by registering for your free trial so you can then check out all of these auto auctions that are up for grabs at government auto auctions around the country. If you need a van or some kind of big transportation vehicle, look no further.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Additional Government Auto Auctions Tips

carThere are many guidelines that you should follow when checking out vehicles at government auctions, and many of these guidelines apply to buying cars in general. In order to snag a car at a bargain price, whether it’s a 1998 Honda Civic or a 2011 Mercedes E-Class, you will have to do a substantial amount of research beforehand. This includes checking the current market values of the cars, which will be influenced by numbers like:

  • Mileage: depending on how high the number is, a car may or may not be desirable considering the lifespan of the engine. Then again, a car that has been serviced and taken car of constantly throughout the years will make the car a better buy.
  • Engine: a bad engine essentially equates a bad car. Make sure the car’s engine is clean and runs without too much noise. Check the engine oil as well as potential leaks that may be found on the engine.
  • Bodywork: always check to see if the car you’re interested in has any damage, such as dents, cracks, rust, or water damage, both on the exterior and interior.

It is up to you what kind of standards you are looking for in a car. If you simply want a vehicle that can take you from point A to point B, chances are you can find one at a very low price. However, take it upon yourself to physically check the car thoroughly before even considering bidding on the car. While it’s possible that you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you win a car, you don’t want to end up shelling out those hundreds or thousands on constant repair and maintenance fees.

On the other side of the government vehicle auction world are online car auctions. These are much trickier auctions to participate in given that it’ll be very difficult to check the conditions of the car unless you physically travel to the car’s location. On top of that, even if the car is in fine condition, if you win the auction, you will almost always have to take care of the shipping and handling yourself. For a large item like a car, this can be a very pricey task. Then again, online auctions do prevent a lot of hassles such as physically dealing with professional car salesmen and auctioneers. A simple payment method and a few clicks to input your bids are essentially all you need to do.

Attending a government vehicle auction is a very good way to hunt for some bargain car deals. Much like buying a new car at a car dealership, a pre-owned car at a second-hand dealership, or cars from individual listings, buying a car from government auctions involves plenty of research.

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