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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2003 Acura MDX Just for You!

2003 acura mdxYou see them everywhere and there’s a reason why. The 2003 Acura MDX and all subsequent models are all very reliable cars that are as sleek as the most luxurious vehicles and as family friendly as the best mini-vans, sedans and SUVs. Reportedly this car is in good condition and perfectly fit for driving. That’s got to be reassuring, as this auction will end in just under two weeks! Take the time to inspect it if you can make it. This MDX will be available at an upcoming online auction so you won’t have to make your way all the over to the Virgin Islands where the car’s located.

You can be sure many people will bid on this MDX. After all, it’s only around 80K miles on its odometer, despite being a decade old. So register today for your free trial and get the info you need. While you’re waiting for the auction to start, you can check the website for additional listings for different vehicles that the government is auctioning off day after day. Good luck on your bargain-hunting endeavors.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

2000 Lincoln Town Car: Get it NOW

2000 lincoln town carHere’s an ongoing online auction set to end soon! Available is this very nice 2000 Lincoln Town Car that you can claim as your own. Spacious and reliable, luxurious and grand, you ever wonder why so many cab drivers in the city convert these Town Cars into the transport of choice? Now it’s your turn to get behind the wheel, except without the random passengers behind you.

This Lincoln Town Car comes in jet black with just minor aesthetic blemishes. At around 60K miles on its odometer, this decade plus car is still in great shape for its age. But hurry, because this auction will start and end very soon. If you want more information regarding this car, act fast and register today for your free trial. With an account, you’ll gain access to a ton of autos auctions happening around the country. Start now.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

2012 Jaguar XJ: Almost Brand New

2012 jaguar xjWho knows what kind of trouble this 2012 Jaguar XJ‘s previous owner got into. Since this car was seized by the U.S. Marshal, the owner’s loss is your gain. You can get this Jaguar almost brand new. It has a mere 1,632 miles on its odometer so this car really did not get to go very far before it was seized and put up for auction. The car will be sold in its location in an upcoming live auction in Louisville, Kentucky.

Dark blue, leather interior, pure gloss. This is a car that demands attention. Navigation system included. Clean carpets in great condition. Overall condition of the car is great. Now if you can scrounge up a few grand to participate in this auction, you’ll have a chance to bring this phenomenal vehicle home and call it your own. Considering it’s virtually undriven (1K+ miles on it is pretty much nothing), this car should fetch a pretty high price, but obviously not as high as a brand new car that rolled out of the manufacturing plant.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a spotless luxury vehicle, now’s the time. Just start by registering today for your free trial. Gain access to an extensive database of government auctions, including cars, which you can find by clicking here. Good luck on your bargain-hunting journey!

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Colossal Cars Sales in Rosedale, Maryland!

There is one absolutely massive autos sale in this upcoming live auction featuring tons of government seized vehicles ranging from popular American makers such as Ford, Dodge, Cadillac and so much more. You can also find various BMWs, Infinitis, among the luxury cars lineup. Everything’s open for picking, so whichever the make and model you’re targeting, this auction is for you to embrace. The auction will take place in Rosedale, Maryland, which isn’t too far from the metropolis of Baltimore. East coasters should definitely take advantage of this opportunity and make the trip over!

The cars that are available at this upcoming auction range from the early 1990s to the mid-2000s. SUVs, mid-sized sedans, luxury vehicles, are all on the listing. These types of massive auctions happen sporadically throughout the year, so it’s recommended that you go to one when you have the chance. It’s not guaranteed that the next one will take place in the same location. Plan the trip and head over to investigate your pick and see if you want to bid on your new potential ride.

Register today for your free trial to see more. The opportunity for some big bargains are right before you; you just need to gain access. You can check here if you want to see other car auctions. Create your account today and good luck on getting that sweet car deal!

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

2011 Mercedes-Benz ML350: Almost Brand New!

2011 Mercedes Benz ML350There are times you look at a car at a dealership and just know for sure it’s out of your budget, especially if it’s a luxury vehicle like this  2011 Mercedes-Benz ML350. This gorgeous SUV comes with a hefty price tag when it’s new and unused. However, what if you can potentially nab this Mercedes at half its market value? What’s the catch? The catch is if you want a vehicle that comes with not zero, but 3K miles on its odometer.

3,000. That’s right, a mere 3K miles on it and immediately you can get a vehicle as high-end as this Mercedes for a fraction of retail price. Check out this upcoming live auction in Lawrence, Massachusetts if you want to capitalize on this opportunity. Who wouldn’t? You can bet there will be a ton of competitors going after this vehicle. Worst case scenario it gets bid up to retail price, but the chance to get a bargain is still very real.

To start, just register for your free trial on to tap into the extensive database of cars and autos up for auction around the country. As long as you have an account, you can check out all of these auto auctions that all feature great bargain possibilities. Need a new car? A luxury one? Sports model? Take your pick and check out all these auctions.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Phenomenal 1972 Chevy Nova SS for Sale!

1972 chevy nova SSNot often will you have the opportunity to grab a classic 1972 Chevy Nova SS with a mere 25K miles logged in the last 40 years. As this car is in tip-top shape, it makes it the perfect ride for automobile collectors, especially those interested in cars no longer in production. The last Chevy Nova rolled out of the manufacturing plant in 1988.

In this upcoming live auction in Bridgeton, Montana, you’ll find this sleek red coupe in virtually the same condition as it was over 40 years ago. With the proper care and regular maintenance, you can keep this Chevy going for many more years to come. Collectors would probably prefer keeping it safe in a garage, with only periodic joyrides to keep its parts fresh.

If you’re interested in this classic vehicle, just register for your free trial to get more information on this Chevy and many others for sale around the country. You can also check out all of these other auto auctions while you’re doing your research (always research!) before attending the auctions. Good luck!

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Friday, May 24, 2013

2006 Chrysler 300 Needs Repairs and New Home!

2006 chrysler 300This fully drivable 2006 Chrysler 300 needs some repairs on one flat tire and a replaced battery. That’s really the only existing problems on this car other than some minor cosmetic blips. At a bit over 100K miles and sitting below $5K bid that will end very soon, you really should check out this Chrysler at this ongoing online auction!

This car features 6 cylinders, automatic transmission, space for an entire family and basically all you can ask for as a driver. If you need a new ride and you’re on a budget, you can get this Chrysler for a huge discount price (in comparison to its market value) even with the repair and maintenance fees thrown in. So what are you waiting for?

To get more information, just register for your free trial now. This autos auction is ending quite soon, so if this is the deal for you, better act now. If this isn’t,  check out all of these auto auctions in the meantime. But we recommend you try your luck at this Chrysler 300 first. It looks great and all it needs is some repair and a new owner!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Live the Life of Luxury with the 2004 Nissan 350Z

2004 nissan 350zYou don’t see Nissan Z’s on the road very often. You rarely see them in commercials. But let it be known that the Z is one of the most stylish cars around. This 2004 Nissan 350Z can be yours if you tackle this upcoming live auction and play your game the right way. At only a little tick above 100K miles, you can still enjoy this luxurious vehicle for many years to come if you treat it well. Because it’s nearly 10 years old, you can bet on picking this one up for a discounted price.

With the 370Z out on the open roads, the 350Z is a retired model, but no one should deny its high-speed capabilities. This one in particular that’s up for auction appears to be a convertible. Can you ask for more from such a stylish car? Maybe some better miles per gallon, but hey we can’t have absolutely everything. Make this silver bullet yours and steal the spotlight.

Register for your free trial to start, as you will have access to a ton of information regarding government auctions involving all sorts of cars and other items. You can check out all these other auto auctions and see if there are other vehicles like this 350Z that catch your eye. Happy hunting!

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Monday, May 20, 2013

2005 Cadillac Escalade: Escalate Your Ride

2005 cadillac escaladeThe Escalade is famous for its grand size and power. You can make this 2005 Cadillac Escalade your own at this upcoming live auction and feel the power yourself. Cadillacs are known for the amazing luxury vehicles the manufacturer pumps out year after year, and the Escalade is one of many vehicles featured in its production line.  Sure, your only problems are parking and gas (this beast guzzles gas like no other), but think of the money you can save from picking up this Escalade at an auction rather than from a dealer.

Fitting as many as seven to eight people in its vast cabin, the Escalade is the perfect choice for large families or individuals who enjoy hitting the road with numerous friends and family members. It’s no mini-van either; you’ll make the statement that you have a sense of style and you pride yourself in your taste of luxury.

Register for your free trial and gain access to a wealth of info regarding government auctions happening around the country. With an account, you will also be able to  check out all these other auto auctions while you look into this Escalade. Don’t hesitate; start today.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Conshohocken, Pennsylvania Car Auctions

Conshohocken (pronounced exactly the way it’s spelled: con-sho-hock-en) is a nice little area in by the suburbs near Philadelphia, and it’s definitely a great area in Pennsylvania to hold a government cars auction. In this series of upcoming live auctions, you can get your hands on a huge variety of different cars of various makes, models of different years. If you’re a professional dealer, you certainly don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to stock up. If you’re just someone looking to pick up a new ride, this auction would be ideal as well.

To get an idea of what you can find at the auction, there are several newer Dodge Avengers and Rams available, some Chevy K1500 trucks, and numerous Fords. Whether it’s sedans, SUVs or trucks, you’ll be able to find them here. And such is the case in many auctions in general, the best part is that you can potentially nab a vehicle of your choice for a significantly lower price than what you would pay for at established dealerships. Great news for the car salesmen looking to build up an inventory and also great for people who just want that one car to help with their daily errands and routines.

In order to participate in these auctions and get some more important information, you have to register for your free trial now. Once you have an account you can check out this upcoming auction and also check out all of the other auto auctions happening near you.

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