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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

American Cars of Conshohocken Up for Auction

Conshohocken is a nice little area in by the suburbs near Philadelphia, and it’s definitely a great area in Pennsylvania to hold a government cars auction. In this series of upcoming live auctions, you can get your hands on a huge variety of different cars of various makes, models of different years. If you’re a professional dealer, you certainly don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to stock up. If you’re just someone looking to pick up a new ride, this auction would be ideal as well.

To get an idea of what you can find at the auction, there are several newer Dodge Avengers and Rams available, some Chevy K1500 trucks, and numerous Fords. Whether it’s sedans, SUVs or trucks, you’ll be able to find them here. And such is the case in many auctions in general, the best part is that you can potentially nab a vehicle of your choice for a significantly lower price than what you would pay for at established dealerships. Great news for the car salesmen looking to build up an inventory and also great for people who just want that one car to help with their daily errands and routines.

In order to participate in these auctions and get some more important information, you have to register for your free trial now. Once you have an account you can check out this upcoming auction and also check out all of the other auto auctions happening near you.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Colossal Cars Sales in Rosedale, Maryland!

There is one absolutely massive autos sale in this upcoming live auction featuring tons of government seized vehicles ranging from popular American makers such as Ford, Dodge, Cadillac and so much more. You can also find various BMWs, Infinitis, among the luxury cars lineup. Everything’s open for picking, so whichever the make and model you’re targeting, this auction is for you to embrace. The auction will take place in Rosedale, Maryland, which isn’t too far from the metropolis of Baltimore. East coasters should definitely take advantage of this opportunity and make the trip over!

The cars that are available at this upcoming auction range from the early 1990s to the mid-2000s. SUVs, mid-sized sedans, luxury vehicles, are all on the listing. These types of massive auctions happen sporadically throughout the year, so it’s recommended that you go to one when you have the chance. It’s not guaranteed that the next one will take place in the same location. Plan the trip and head over to investigate your pick and see if you want to bid on your new potential ride.

Register today for your free trial to see more. The opportunity for some big bargains are right before you; you just need to gain access. You can check here if you want to see other car auctions. Create your account today and good luck on getting that sweet car deal!

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Used Autos Auctions in Columbia, Missouri

It’s always much easier on your wallet when you can pick up used cars that run just as well as new ones for a mere fraction of the cost. This upcoming live auction based in Columbia, Missouri will be a great opportunity for anyone looking to reel in their ideal budget car—or for anyone in the car dealing business looking to stock up for the summer months. Whatever your needs may be, if you need a car, then look no further than this upcoming auction.

The vast majority of the cars featured in the auction in Columbia are American models, such as Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, amongst others. In addition, most of the cars are from the decade between the mid-2000s and 2010, with many between 2010 and 2011. So you’ll likely find yourself with newer model choices. No one’s complaining about that. Bring enough cash with you and bid smart. Duking it out with seasoned car salesmen or other auction-goers will not be easy, but the chance for a great bargain is a chance nonetheless, so go for it!

Register today for your free trial and you can get started right away. There are a ton of information regarding car auctions all around the country. You can check here if you want to see more. Good luck on all your bargain-hunting endeavors!

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Show me the Auctions!

2001 jeep sportMissouri is known as the “Show me State” so were going to show you how to get an amazing deal on some vehicles in Missouri! While the state animal is a mule, their is nothing donkey like by getting a great deal on a vehicle from a government auction!

Finding the right auction for you can be tough but luckily there are plenty of resources that can help guide you in the right direction!

Most of these auctions are made up of vehicles claimed from seizures that are made by federal, state, or local government. These vehicles have been acquired because of various problems with payments or legal offenses. After that the vehicles are put up for auction that is either live or online. This is an incredible way to save a great deal of money on the purchase of a vehicle!

Plenty of these auctions are made public so it shouldn’t be too difficult finding one in Missouri!  If you are busy on the day of an auction and cannot make it in person, then you might want to take part in one of the many online government auctions available. Online auctions are very similar to live ones, except that they are held on the Internet for a set amount of time to bid. If you are familiar with eBay then you will be a pro at an online auto auction!

If you are looking for a specific type of vehicle–whether it is a hatchback, a coup, or a van—you can probably find them online. You simply need to search searching for your local auction or find something from the list of thousands of different vehicles at the online auto auctions. Want more info? Get started on finding a well priced vehicle by clicking right here!!

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Purchase A Sweet Ride From Auto Auctions In Texas!

2005ImpalaTexas is well known for having some of must brutally hot summers in the United States. Standing at the bus stop waiting in the blistering heat for 45 minutes is not something that puts a smile on your face in the morning. All over Texas there are ways to change that situation. These places are government seized or surplus auctions. Places like Austin have local auctions running all throughout the year. You simply need to figure out how to get to one of these auctions and you’ll be waving bye-bye to that bus in no time.

Most autos at government auctions come from seizures that are made by federal, state, or local government. These are confiscated due to various payment problems or offenses that the government entity deems suitable for confiscation. After that, the vehicles are listed and put up for sale at a live or online government auction. Most of the time, you can obtain one of these autos for a fraction of the retail price.

Texas, being a fairly large state has plenty of government auto auctions available for the public. If you cannot make it down to a live auction at your local courthouse, then you might want to take advantage of the online auctions that are available. Online auctions run the same as the live ones except that they are on the Internet and there is a time limit set for every item. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding any local auctions in Texas, but if you can’t make it out there, these online auctions are definitely a viable resource for obtaining the assets you desire.

There are all types of vehicles at these auctions. If you need a truck, they have it. If you looking for a RV camper, they have it. If you just need a car with four tires, they definitely have it. You just need to check out the inventory at your local auction or find the list of thousands of different vehicles at the online auto auctions. Want more info? All you have to do just click here.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Great Bargains at Auto Auctions in Florida!

2007 Chevrolet MalibuWe all know that the public transportation in Florida isn’t something that people boast about. The heat and the terrible downfall of rain means that people need to get where they want to go in a reasonably quick time. To do so, most Floridians travel by auto. No matter if it’s Key West or Miami, people all over the state are rolling down their windows or blasting the chilly air conditioning to cool down for the time being. If you thought that you could never afford a vehicle during these rough economic times, you are definitely in the wrong mind state. Anyone can save up a little cash, head down to a local government auto auction, and come home with a vehicle that meets your needs.

Government auctions have been getting very popular in the last couple years. At a fraction of the retail price, you can own fantastic items like foreclosed homes, gold jewelry, and even high-end vehicles. With government seized autos, these assets are confiscated by a government entity and then placed up for auction in the original condition they’re in. This could bode well for a large range of people out in Florida. Some people might be looking for muscle cars with low mileage, while others are basically looking for anything with four wheels that can take them to work and back. There is an array of cars out there, and if you look hard enough, you will find the right one that fits your criteria.

Finding one of these government auto auctions can be annoying if you are manually going to call each county clerk one by one. If you check an aggregator for auction information, you will be more likely to find the vehicle you desire. The rules of these types of auctions are fairly simple. You are given a certain period of time to inspect these assets (you cannot drive the car), then when the auction begins, you are allowed to bid on it, and if you are the highest bidder, you will own that car. Every country either has some sort of online or live auto auction that you can attend. Typically, they are run either once a week or once a month—you can find out that info very easily.

Florida has hundreds of auctions going on throughout every month. Lets take Orlando for example. In this large city, there are dozens and dozens of auctions running all day. You simply need to find out which specific county has their auctions and where they are located. Every county is going to have specific rules and regulations for registration, bidding, and payment methods. You need to have that stuff all figured out before you head down to the auction and start bidding. You don’t want to end up shouting out your bid when it’s a silent auction with paddles. And you certainly don’t want to come there with a credit card when they only accept cash or money orders for payments. These auctions can be fast paced and very exciting. Want more info on where these auctions are held? Check out this link and you will be inundated with all the info you’ll need to get you settled with a new car.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New York City Offers Some Great Car Auctions

New York City, home of the bright lights of Broadway, and new home of Amare Stoudemire, is also home to some great auto auctions.  In fact, the Sheriff of New York City holds an auction every few weeks, and much to the delight of those  that attend, you can find yourself some good deals on everything from 2-Door Coupes to 4-Door Sedans, to Sports Cars, and even Luxury Cars.  These auctions are not the only auctions to be found in the greater New York City Metro Area.

The New York City Sherriff’s Office is not the only New York City Agency that holds auctions.  Various New York City Departments from Public Works to Administrative Services sell surplus vehicles.  Vehicles from heavy machinery such as bulldozers, to those small cars that meter-maids sometimes use, to hybrid vehicles used by various agencies.  The NYPD even holds their own auctions ranging from seized vehicles to abandoned and surplus vehicles.

These New York  City auctions are not the only ones.  You can also find great auctions just minutes from Midtown Manhattan.  Auctions that are run by private groups on behalf of the United States Customs Service, and U.S. Marshals.  These are the auctions where you will be more likely to find yourself some fancy cars.  That two-door sports car that normally retails for far north of what you would like to spend could be had for much less than that.  It is a matter of being wise with how you spend your money.

With all of these auctions it is important to know what you are looking for.  After all, there are your regular, good old reliable sedans that everybody always wants.  And then there are the ones that collectors are after.  And finally there are those that are better off being sold for scrap.  With auctions in New York City, it is simply a matter of finding the VIN, which is posted on their auction page.  Once you have the VIN, commonly known as the Vehicle Identification Number, you can find Car History Report.  With that in hand, you can set your bidding amount and know where you want to go.  Basically how much are you willing to spend.

On the topic of actual auctions, the US Marshal Service usually holds their auction once per quarter (or season).  These auctions will usually have around anywhere between Forty and One Hundred Vehicles.   They are not always limited to your sports cars, luxury cars, used Government cars, and fancy cars.  Sometimes you can find yourself a custom motorcycle, or just a really high end motorcycle.  Because of how these auctions work, you would be wise to monitor, and look for them to pop up in the government auction list, as the U.S. Marshal Service is very careful how they hold their Seized and Forfeited Car Auctions.

The same goes for the NYC Sheriff Auctions, and the regular auctions held throughout the greater metropolitan New York City area, as these lists are usually not published until a few weeks before the auction.  That is why it would be a wise idea to monitor the auctions before actually taking your chances.  That means doing your homework, researching cars, and attending an auction before actually entering the fray.

Once you are prepared, you can start monitoring auction dates, and have your notepad down, ready to write down VIN Codes, and spend the necessary time acquiring on a vehicle history report.  The best way to monitor these auctions?  Activate your free trial here. Once you are a member, monitoring and searching for those government auction deals will become much easier.  By keeping tabs on these auctions, doing your research, and being patient, you will be able to find some great deals, just by being able to look for the car you want.  After all, it is the New York City Metropolitan Area where hundreds of cars are seized and sold every year.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Local Police Car Auctions

Are you looking for a cheap reliable mode of transportation, but don’t want to wait hours for a bus or train to show up?  There is a much better option – local police car auctions are the place to go for a great deal on used and seized vehicles.  Local police departments are filled with cars that they no longer need or have no intention of holding onto.  These cars are the ones that the public gets a chance to bid on, with the chance to own the car and drive away.  Want to be one of those lucky people; well you’ve come to the right place.

Local police car auctions come about for a variety of reasons.  The local police could be interested in selling off excess cars.  The local police can have an excess amount of cars because they have bought newer cars that are better built to handle the rigors of police driving.  That is not to say that buying a used police car means that you are buying a bad car.  Rather, police cars are built in a certain way to handle a much larger amount of stress – such as car chases, traffic stops and its associated stresses (sudden starts and stops), and transporting suspected criminals.  These used police cars will still be very useable and will probably be in much better shape than most other used cars, because of their added strength and durability.

Other cars find their way into the auction through police seizures.  The local police will usually seize items such as jewelry, entertainment equipment, and cars in addition to any narcotic seizures.  They do this because of these items are usually obtained through ill-gotten gains.  Other cars are seized because of moving violations, failure to pay parking tickets, and because they have gone unclaimed after being stolen.  These cars can sometimes be had at a great discount.  Depending on the type of seizure, the starting bid may be really low, because the local police are just trying to cover their expenses as it relates to the car.  Just think of the opportunities available to you with these auctions.  You will end up spending less time and money doing the research and going to an auction than you will if you go to a dealership and spend hours looking and haggling over prices.

When attending an auction it is best to spend the time doing your research prior to the auction.  That means looking up the cars available at auction, and inspecting the cars (if possible).  The time you spend doing this will be no different than the time you spend at a used car lot.  However, unlike a used car lot, once the auction starts, it will be over rather quickly.  You will also, more than likely, be getting the car for cheaper than at a used car lot.  Used car salesmen will attend these auctions in order to add cars to their inventory.  These cars will be sold for a profit on their lots.  By going to the auction you will be cutting out the middleman (used car salesperson) and be getting a used car for cheaper.

So, how do you find local police car auctions?  You can scour your local newspaper, or search online.  Or you can activate your free trial here.  With thousands of listings, you will be able to find anything you want from cars, to phones, to homes.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Government Auto Auctions

Government auto auctions happen all the time.  And unlike your typical car auction where car builders will spend hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars to restore classic cars, only to sell them for a lot of money, government auto auctions sell cars that the rest of us can enjoy.  And with, you can search for government auctions on cars, saving you time from having to scour your Sunday classifieds trying to find a deal on an old Ford.

Of course you are probably asking yourself, why does the government hold auto auctions?  Quite simply, the government sells cars that they no longer have a need for.  Cars they use to transport officials, cars for inspectors, cars for traffic agents and just general use cars.  And after just a few years and a few thousand miles, they will get a new car.  Especially nowadays with most local governments trying to save money, they are purchasing more up-to-date hybrid and electric cars to replace their current fleet of vehicles.  This means that your local government may be auctioning off cars that are no more than a two or three years old, for a fraction of their actual value.  Government auto auctions are great for picking up great deals.

Did you ever wonder what happened to the cars seized by the government?  They too get become part of government auto auctions.  Fail to pay the proper taxes, and your brand new import car may end up on the auction block.  That means you can get a practically new car for much less than had you gone to the new car dealership.  You can always just go back to the car dealer and try to negotiate a new rate, but the reality is that you can’t be sure how much they are overselling you.  Just stop for a second and think, a new luxury car at a deep discount can be all yours, all because somebody decided against paying taxes – seems like a good deal, right?  Thought so.  All you need to do is find yourself a government car auction.

Don’t forget about police cars.  The police, just like other parts of government, need new vehicles.  After a few years, they will need new, smarter vehicles that can do more than just chase down bad guys.  With terrorist threats and the need for newer technology, police cars will need to be replaced with more advanced cars.  That doesn’t mean their current cars are bad, just that they need to have a car that can accept this technology.  For you, this means you can get a used police car for a significant discount.  And these cars are no slouches, they are built to last, and go fast.  A car of the same quality bought at a dealership may cost you much more money.

How do you find these deals?  Well, you can call up your local government and speak with the people in charge of handling auctions.  You can also check out your local newspaper, which will usually have listing of special government auto auctions.  You could also search online, and find other auctions outside of your immediate area.  However, all of these options can end up taking hours.  There is one other option though, and that is to activate your free trial, you can search through thousands of listings to find exactly what you are looking for.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Government Auctions Repossessed Cars

2005 bentley continental gt or 31,023 frontDid you ever watch the TV show COPS and wonder what happens to the cars after the police chase is over (And no, I am not talking about the cars that end up plowing into everything on the road – I am talking about the peaceful chases that end with no real damage to the car, other than maybe a flat tire)?  Depending on the nature of the crime, the car will be repossessed and will eventually find its way to the auction block.  Once at the auction block, this once quasi-famous car will be joined by some of its other four-wheeled brethren where a government auction on repossessed cars will take place.

Not all cars come to the auction block with a televised resume.  Some cars are repossessed because the owner failed to pay taxes on the car leading to the IRS or another government agency seizing the car.  Other cars have more of an international flair – having been seized by customs when the proper tariffs weren’t paid.  And of course, there are the aforementioned seizures by police.  Not all of those seizures come about because of a car chase.  Some of the cars are repossessed because they were used to commit a criminal act, while others cars are repossessed because they were obtained through illegal means, such as being stolen then resold, or with illegally obtained funds.  The end result of all of the government having these repossessed cars is that the government auctions repossessed cars, and you can purchase one of these cars at auction.  When you are purchasing these cars you will be able to buy them at a discount.

Purchasing these cars at auction will save you the hassle of trudging down to the used-car dealership and dealing with a pushy salesperson, who will try to sell you on a car that you do not want.  Then you have to deal with finding out the real history of the car, and wondering whether the dealership is telling you the truth about the car not having water damage – despite the discolored flooring and rusty body.  With a government auction you don’t have to worry about that.  No pushy salesman will be trying to get you to buy a questionable car.  You will be able to inspect the car on your own, read the vehicle history report, and not have to worry about some random salesperson questioning your motives.  Well, not exactly.  You may actually bump into a few used car salesman at a government repossessed cars auction.  After all, they have to get their used cars somehow.  They will usually be the early bidders on a car, and will drop out when the price gets too high.  However, the best way to get yourself a deal with a Government Auction on Repossessed Cars is to do your research and know what car(s) you want to find.  After all, with the right amount of research you may end up finding a great deal on a sports car, or luxury sedan.

So now that we know what kind of deals you can get with government auctions on repossessed cars you have to know where to find these deals.  You can search for hours online, or reading through newspapers.  Or you can go and activate your free trial here, and search through the thousands of listings to find exactly what you are looking for.

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