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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2007 Ford Crown Victoria: Modern Day Classic

2007 ford crown victoriaThe 2007 Ford Crown Victoria is a modern day classic vehicle. Despite the fact that the Crown Victorias are no longer in production, it’s still an iconic car (maybe because the vast majority of police vehicles were Crown Victorias at one point). It’s a reliable and long-lasting vehicle, so anyone who’s looking for a decent car to get them from point A to point B should put in some consideration. And because this particular Crown Victoria is over 6 years old and about 80K miles logged on its odometer, you can likely pick it up for a good, low price.

Check out this upcoming online auction if you’re interested in bidding on this car. The car itself is located in Knoxville, Tennessee, so if you’re in the area, do yourself a favor and thoroughly inspect the vehicle. Of course, you won’t be able to get all the information on this government auction unless you have an account on this website. So start by registering for your free trial. You can also check out all of these other auto auctions that are up for sale. Need a car? Need to save some money? Look no further.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2011 Ford F-150: A Truck in its Own Class

2011 ford f150For many years, men and women who want to take their work to the next level have relied on the F-150. This 2011 Ford F-150 is now up for sale at an upcoming live auction based in Texas. For many years, the F-150 has been rated amongst the best of trucks in the auto industry, and that shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone. The truck has massive towing power and the horses to allow you to just about transport anything (reasonable, at least).

This particular truck has only a mere 16,000+ miles on its odometer, so there’s plenty of life left in the tank. If you want more information,  just start by registering for your free trial. You’ll gain access to numerous cars, trucks, motorcycles and other government auto auctions happening around the country on a daily basis. You can also check out all of these auto auctions while you’re at it. Don’t wait on these bargain opportunities!

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Monday, September 16, 2013

2002 Ford Thunderbird: 50th Anniversary Edition

2002 ford thunderbirdA classic look for the modern times. Here is a 2002 Ford Thunderbird, a vehicle designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the popular Thunderbird that first went on the market in 1955 and ceased production in 1997. The Thunderbird returned from 2002 to 2005. Thus, even if you want to find a Thunderbird now, they’re no longer available. This is a rarity.

Attend this upcoming live auction in Dallas, Texas to nab this fine red luxury vehicle. While it is over 100K miles, it’s still perfect for an afternoon joyride. Oh, did we mention it’s a convertible? Yes, a flashy red convertible. And black and red leather interior; it looks absolutely amazing. You really cannot beat that.

If you’re interested in this auto auction (and who wouldn’t be), just start by registering for your free trial. This way you’ll gain access to a huge database of government auction information, not just cars. But you can check out all of these auto auctions that may be of interest for you. Don’t hesitate; those bargain opportunities wait for no one.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

2000 Ford Expedition: An American Icon

2000 ford expeditionThere’s no doubt that the Ford Expedition is a popular fixture in American autos industry. This 2000 Ford Expedition is available at an upcoming live auction,with the vehicle itself stationed in a warehouse in Savannah, Georgia. Its mileage is unknown, so it’ll be important for you to inspect the vehicle yourself once you get the chance. But let’s assume the truck’s fit to be driven, there are so many things you can do with this Ford Expedition.

Towing, transport, long-distance travel; the Ford Expedition is as fit to be a family vehicle as it is a workman’s choice of transportation. V8 engine. Full 4-wheel drive. And this vehicle in particular looks to be in fine shape, at least on the outside. Again, it’s highly recommended that you go and inspect the vehicle so you know exactly what you’re bidding on. Because this Expedition has its “mileage and operational status” listed as unknown, there’s a great chance that the vehicle can leave the auction for a really cheap price.

If you want to get more information, such as when and where the auction is taking place, when and where the preview for this Ford Expedition will take place, you need to register for your free trial as soon as you can to get the necessary info. Plenty of government autos auctions are happening each day, so start trying your account now and hunt down that next car of yours.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2003 Ford Mustang: the Race is On!

2003 ford mustangYou better move fast if you want to make this 2003 Ford Mustang yours to keep! This sleek sports car is available at this upcoming live auction based in Ohio. What’s great about this particular car is that, despite being 10 years old, it appears to be in phenomenal shape on the outside, almost as if it were new. To be safe, try and make your way out to Ohio and inspect the car yourself.

The Mustang packs a serious punch in terms of raw power and speed. It’s the iconic sports vehicle from Ford, so you’re basically letting yourself in on a little piece of history. Twenty years down the line, you can look back and say, “I was behind the wheel of a Mustang.” Maybe not as dramatically, but it’s still a great opportunity. You never know if Ford will stop producing Mustangs one day. We hope not.

To find out more about this particular car, just register today for your free trial. You’ll gain access to a comprehensive database of car auctions and much more. To get a taste of other car auctions that the government will be holding, just click here. Finding the best deal for a car starts now, so create your account today.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1920s Ford Model A: You Won’t Find Another

ford model aYou read that correctly. Up for auction is this Ford Model A car that’s from the late 1920s. That makes this vehicle close to 90 years old. Give it another decade and you can perhaps own a car from a century ago. How does that feel? It’s an experience that a miniscule percentage of people in this country can claim. It’s not just a vehicle that you can try to restore into driving condition, but it’s art. It’s history. It’s culture.

While this car may not be drivable (yet), it’s definitely worth the collector’s value. In addition, if the need to drive this ancient machine arises, nothing more than a few restoration and maintenance appointments should get it back up and running. It might not be a sleek speedster, or a powerful monster on wheels, but it’ll be a venerable relic of the past that will attract more attention than probably the next Rolls Royce on the block. If you’re in the market for collecting cars of ages past, then check out this upcoming live auction based in North Dakota.

Check out all sorts of car auctions by registering for your free trial. This Ford Model A, along with more up-to-date vehicles, are all available for grabs so do check out all of these auto auctions while you’re pondering your move on this vehicle. Start now, don’t wait.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Good Ol’ Ford Explorer, 2008 Edition

2008 ford explorerAnyone in need of an SUV should never dismiss a 2008 Ford Explorer as one of the go-to options. One, it’s a proven car that has been around since 1990. Two, it’s a financially viable vehicle for most households (and the fact that it’s up for sale at a government autos auction will make it even cheaper). And finally, as the pioneer brand of cars that popularized SUVs in the U.S., you’re getting a reliable name that all can recognize and appreciate.

This Ford Explorer is up for sale in an upcoming online auction. The car itself is based in Raleigh, North Carolina. It’s advisable that anyone within the area who’s interested in picking up this SUV check out the car when possible. Because it’s available online, you won’t be able to bid for it on the actual auction site. The Explorer is at around 80K miles on its odometer, which isn’t too shabby for a 5-year-old car. The auction is expiring quite soon, so get your bids and make some plans!

If you want to find out some more info on cars up for sale at government auctions, click to check out all of these auto auctions. Not every day can you find great deals on used cars, so start by registering for your free trial and launch your bargain-hunting adventure today.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

2006 Ford Mustang GT Coupe: Solo the Road

2006 mustang coupeBack in Oregon, we once featured a 2008 Ford Mustang about a month ago. If you were dismayed because you missed out on a chance for the sleek white powerhouse of a car, no worries because here’s another one available for grabs! This 2006 Ford Mustang GT Coupe is as great as any other muscle car out there and it still has less than 60K miles registered on its odometer. While it’s not a pearl white like the previous one, the dark navy blue is just as stylish.

Out in Oklahoma, where this Mustang resides in this upcoming live auction, there is plenty of space, plenty of concrete to speed through. While we don’t condone speeding, there’s nothing quite like having the road to yourself in a high-octane car. Featuring 4.6L v8 engine and both 5-speed manual and automatic overdrive, you have what you need for a power car. But even if you have to drive this car all the way back to the city, that’s perfectly fine. While you probably can’t cruise at 60 mph all day long, you’ll have more eyes on your new ride.

Do yourself a favor; if you’re in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, check out this car and inspect it so you know exactly what you’re getting. Then bid. And win it all. You can start now by registering for your free trial and, if there are other cars besides this Mustang that you may be interested in, check out all of these auto auctions that are also happening right now.

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Do You Want This 2010 Ford Expedition?

2010 ford expeditionThere is only one answer. Yes, I want this 2010 Ford Expedition.

Pros: all-wheel drive, very cool navy blue-black exterior, great shape, reasonable mileage (a.k.a experienced), a roadie’s best friend.

Cons: it’s not a Lamborghini.

If you’re a sucker for long-distance road trips, or trips across dirt roads and bumpy woodlands and murky swamps, then this car can do a pretty good job in getting you where you need to go. All you need to do to nab this reliable car is check out this upcoming online auction. The car itself is based in Minnesota, so it’s definitely your advantage if you can make your way over to the humble city of Bemidji so you can inspect the car beforehand.

For those interested in specifics, this Ford Expedition has less than 90K miles logged into its odometer, features a V8 engine with all-wheel drive, fully functional cruise control, power locks, steering, windows and mirrors, the standard AM/FM radio, along with a bunch of goodies you normally find in cars manufactured within the last three years.

So plan your road trip and incorporate this car into your family. Start now by registering for your free trial and then help yourself to the massive list of cars up for sale at government auctions. Check out all of these auto auctions happening around you today.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Going RETRO: Feat. 1952 Ford Sedan

1952 FordFans of classic car models be alert! In this upcoming live auction in Williston, Florida is this absolutely gorgeous sky-blue 1952 Ford Sedan that screams the best of the oldies. At 60 years in age and less than 50,000 miles registered on its odometer, this Ford is in better shape than many of the newest cars on the road. With age comes experience and wisdom, and in this case, the beauty also matures along with it.

Glossy-clean on the outside, free of debris and dust on the inside, you honestly can’t go wrong with this car. Of course, you’ll want to inspect it anyway to make sure it’s as amazing as it looks and sounds (and there’s a great chance it is as great as it looks and sounds), but that’s a tactic you have to apply to any used car on the market. At this auction, be prepared to bid against a bunch of other car enthusiasts as this is an opportunity that does not come around very often in this day and age.

If this auction is for you, and if this 1952 Ford is your choice for a car, start right now by registering for your free trial. Once you do so, you can take some time to also check out all of these auto auctions happening around the country via government auctions.

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