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Sunday, June 10, 2012

What’s shaking in Tennessee? Auto-Auctions!

pontiac tenDid you know that the worst earthquake in American history occurred in Northern Tennessee in 1811? While the United States has not ever been shook as greatly as it has in Tennessee you should see the impact a government auction on vehicles can have on your savings!

This is a live auction 2009 PONTIAC G6 in the color of medium blue located in the Tennessee area. While this is a specific automobile picked out to show you fine folks whets shaking in the Tennessee area, there are tons of deals to be had all over the country via an unbelievable amount of government auctions happening all around the country!

So how does the government get this fine cars, SUVS, and vehicles?  Quite simply, these are vehicles seized by the government for various reasons—whether they be the result of a crime, lack of payment, or bankruptcy—they are then auctioned off to the public for you to reap the rewards. That means you can get a practically new car for much less than had you gone to the new car dealership.  You can always just go back to the car dealer and try to negotiate a new rate, but the reality is that you can’t be sure how much they are overselling you.  Just stop for a second and think, a new luxury car at a deep discount can be all yours, all because somebody decided against paying taxes – seems like a good deal, right?  Thought so.  All you need to do is find yourself a government car auction.

When you do a quick search for auto auctions, you will surely see dozens and dozens of great cars for sale. These vehicles range in condition, and will also vary in value. You are not going to get a brand new car for nothing, but you can grab yourself an older model car for under $2000! We have seen cars come down the auction block from scrap metal to brand new—heaps of screws to straight off the lot condition. You simply need to get down to your local Tennessee auto auction check out these babies for yourself. Or if you want to seek out more auctions around the country simply click here to register and unlock the savings!!

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Find A Great Deal On A Vehicle In An Auto Auction in Georgia!

2002 Chevrolet TahoeThey say that a new car is your ticket to freedom. But did you know that Georgia has some pretty crazy laws? A very notable one is that you cannot keep donkeys in your bathtub. You should also be aware that it is illegal to keep an ice cream cone in your back pocket on a Sunday. Luckily for you these unusual laws will not play a factor in finding some great bargains on vehicles in a Georgia State auction!

The key to the open road lies in finding the right vehicle for you on one of the many government auctions held in and around Georgia! Most of these auctions are made up of vehicles claimed from seizures that are made by federal, state, or local government. These vehicles have been acquired because of various problems with payments or legal offenses. After that the vehicles are put up for auction that is either live or online. This is an incredible way to save a great deal of money on the purchase of a vehicle!

Plenty of these auctions are made public so it shouldn’t be too difficult finding one in Georgia. If you are busy on the day of an auction and cannot make it in person, then you might want to take part in one of the many online government auctions available. Online auctions are very similar to live ones, except that they are held on the Internet for a set amount of time to bid. If you are familiar with eBay then you will be a pro at an online auto auction!

If you are looking for a specific type of vehicle–whether it is a hatchback, a coup, or a van—you can probably find them online. You simply need to search searching for your local auction or find something from the list of thousands of different vehicles at the online auto auctions. Want more info? Click here!

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Government Auto Auctions

Government auto auctions happen all the time.  And unlike your typical car auction where car builders will spend hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars to restore classic cars, only to sell them for a lot of money, government auto auctions sell cars that the rest of us can enjoy.  And with, you can search for government auctions on cars, saving you time from having to scour your Sunday classifieds trying to find a deal on an old Ford.

Of course you are probably asking yourself, why does the government hold auto auctions?  Quite simply, the government sells cars that they no longer have a need for.  Cars they use to transport officials, cars for inspectors, cars for traffic agents and just general use cars.  And after just a few years and a few thousand miles, they will get a new car.  Especially nowadays with most local governments trying to save money, they are purchasing more up-to-date hybrid and electric cars to replace their current fleet of vehicles.  This means that your local government may be auctioning off cars that are no more than a two or three years old, for a fraction of their actual value.  Government auto auctions are great for picking up great deals.

Did you ever wonder what happened to the cars seized by the government?  They too get become part of government auto auctions.  Fail to pay the proper taxes, and your brand new import car may end up on the auction block.  That means you can get a practically new car for much less than had you gone to the new car dealership.  You can always just go back to the car dealer and try to negotiate a new rate, but the reality is that you can’t be sure how much they are overselling you.  Just stop for a second and think, a new luxury car at a deep discount can be all yours, all because somebody decided against paying taxes – seems like a good deal, right?  Thought so.  All you need to do is find yourself a government car auction.

Don’t forget about police cars.  The police, just like other parts of government, need new vehicles.  After a few years, they will need new, smarter vehicles that can do more than just chase down bad guys.  With terrorist threats and the need for newer technology, police cars will need to be replaced with more advanced cars.  That doesn’t mean their current cars are bad, just that they need to have a car that can accept this technology.  For you, this means you can get a used police car for a significant discount.  And these cars are no slouches, they are built to last, and go fast.  A car of the same quality bought at a dealership may cost you much more money.

How do you find these deals?  Well, you can call up your local government and speak with the people in charge of handling auctions.  You can also check out your local newspaper, which will usually have listing of special government auto auctions.  You could also search online, and find other auctions outside of your immediate area.  However, all of these options can end up taking hours.  There is one other option though, and that is to activate your free trial, you can search through thousands of listings to find exactly what you are looking for.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Government Auctions Trucks

Did you ever dream of building and driving a monster truck?  How about just owning a truck, and being able to have a better view of the road?  Do you watch rock-crawlers and wish that you could do the same thing?  Well then have I got a story for your.  The Government Auctions trucks, and we aren’t just talking about your grandfather’s classic Ford or Chevrolet, we are talking pickup trucks, troop carriers, and your run of the mill refrigerated truck.  These trucks are just begging to be brought home by you.

You may be asking yourself (or not) how does the government obtain these trucks, and why would they want to sell a perfectly good troop carrier?  Very simple – just like you outgrew your clothing, the government outgrew their need for these trucks.  However, not all trucks make their way to the auction block that way.  Some trucks end up being auctioned because their previous owners were involved with crime, or did not pay their taxes – leading to their seizure by the government.  And much like their four-wheeled cousins (the car), these trucks are led to the auction block because the government usually has no need for these seized trucks.

Now to explain the amount of trucks available for auction.  You have all the various branches of the government.  From Homeland Security, to the Secret Service, to the Environmental Protection Agency – all of these agencies use trucks for their various projects.  From there, we can move on to your local and state governments, both of which have many agencies that use trucks – from snowplows to regular pickup trucks for their various tasks.  As you can see, that can amount to thousands of trucks that you can have at discount.  And lest we forget to mention the military – we are talking military trucks, troop transports, refrigerated trucks (soldiers need to eat unspoiled food too).  Not only are their many trucks up for auction, but also there are many different types of trucks to suit your every need.

If you were to purchase one of these trucks, you can now use them for either your own use, or for the use of your business.  And the best part of that is you will not have to spend a lot of money on these trucks.  Because these trucks that are auctioned by the government are not necessary anymore, the government wants you to take them off their hands.  Even better is that you don’t need to go to a used-car dealership and have to haggle for a questionable truck – prior to the auction, you can look the trucks over and make sure that they are in good condition.  You could also look at the vehicle history report to ensure that you will be bidding on a reputable truck.

Finding the government truck auctions can sometimes be a hassle.  You have to search government auctions trucks, or do a thorough investigation of local newspapers around the country.  Or you can make that task easier by activating your free trial here, and searching through the thousands of listings available right at your fingertips.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Government Auctions Repossessed Cars

2005 bentley continental gt or 31,023 frontDid you ever watch the TV show COPS and wonder what happens to the cars after the police chase is over (And no, I am not talking about the cars that end up plowing into everything on the road – I am talking about the peaceful chases that end with no real damage to the car, other than maybe a flat tire)?  Depending on the nature of the crime, the car will be repossessed and will eventually find its way to the auction block.  Once at the auction block, this once quasi-famous car will be joined by some of its other four-wheeled brethren where a government auction on repossessed cars will take place.

Not all cars come to the auction block with a televised resume.  Some cars are repossessed because the owner failed to pay taxes on the car leading to the IRS or another government agency seizing the car.  Other cars have more of an international flair – having been seized by customs when the proper tariffs weren’t paid.  And of course, there are the aforementioned seizures by police.  Not all of those seizures come about because of a car chase.  Some of the cars are repossessed because they were used to commit a criminal act, while others cars are repossessed because they were obtained through illegal means, such as being stolen then resold, or with illegally obtained funds.  The end result of all of the government having these repossessed cars is that the government auctions repossessed cars, and you can purchase one of these cars at auction.  When you are purchasing these cars you will be able to buy them at a discount.

Purchasing these cars at auction will save you the hassle of trudging down to the used-car dealership and dealing with a pushy salesperson, who will try to sell you on a car that you do not want.  Then you have to deal with finding out the real history of the car, and wondering whether the dealership is telling you the truth about the car not having water damage – despite the discolored flooring and rusty body.  With a government auction you don’t have to worry about that.  No pushy salesman will be trying to get you to buy a questionable car.  You will be able to inspect the car on your own, read the vehicle history report, and not have to worry about some random salesperson questioning your motives.  Well, not exactly.  You may actually bump into a few used car salesman at a government repossessed cars auction.  After all, they have to get their used cars somehow.  They will usually be the early bidders on a car, and will drop out when the price gets too high.  However, the best way to get yourself a deal with a Government Auction on Repossessed Cars is to do your research and know what car(s) you want to find.  After all, with the right amount of research you may end up finding a great deal on a sports car, or luxury sedan.

So now that we know what kind of deals you can get with government auctions on repossessed cars you have to know where to find these deals.  You can search for hours online, or reading through newspapers.  Or you can go and activate your free trial here, and search through the thousands of listings to find exactly what you are looking for.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Federal Government Vehicle Auctions

Have you ever dreamed of owning a bulletproof secret service car?  What about a military Humvee?  How about a motorcycle (sidecar included)?  Yes, you can actually do that so long as you use some creativity.  The Federal Government has no need for supposedly outdated vehicles like older Humvees, boats, aircraft, and motorcycles (with sidecars).  In fact, fighter jets from the 1960s are being re-purposed to set the new land-speed record.  With new technologies, and the ever-evolving landscape of politics, war and tax collection, vehicles, are sent out to pasture at Federal Government vehicle auctions.  This is where you can find yourself a great deal, or two, on Federal Government vehicles that you can use in everyday life.

Federal Government vehicle auctions come about for a variety of reasons.  More often than not, it is a result of the Federal Government updating its vehicular fleets.  The Federal Government regularly updates its fleets of vehicles to cope with the ever-changing landscapes presented.  For example, the current move towards green technology means that older and less-efficient vehicles are being removed from public service – resulting in excess vehicles.  This means that you could have a chance to purchase a like new car for much cheaper than the sticker price, potentially saving thousands of dollars.  Lets say that you already own a well-functioning car, and have no need for a car – your farm on the other hand needs some new vehicles.  Fear not, Federal Government vehicle auctions also have tractors, plows seeders, and other farming related vehicles.  And that is not even close to half the amount of items available for auction.  When you consider the sheer size of the federal government and all of the agencies underneath its umbrella, you can see the large amount of possibilities.  Say you run a factory and are in need of a vehicle that can transport you from one end to the other, and is quicker than walking, you may be able to find yourself a small motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, or possibly a moped.  Say you like fishing, but don’t want to have to constantly bum rides from friends to go fishing, just head on over to a federal government vehicle auction, and you will probably find yourself a nice, swift boat to go fishing with.

The sheer amount of vehicles available for auction when the Federal Government holds a vehicle auction is hard to imagine.  Just think of it this way.  The Federal Government has a presence in the air, sea and land.  For each of those places, they need vehicles.  Included in those vehicles are support vehicles that help to handle communications, transport and distribute supplies in times of emergency; vehicles that handle transport of dignitaries, criminals, and employees.  That pushes the amount of vehicles available at auction into the hundreds and perhaps even the thousands (depending on the type of auction, and which branches are involved).  But before you decide to commit money to a Federal Government vehicle auction you should check and make sure that you can bid for the items at a Federal Government vehicle auction, because some of them are limited due to the sensitive nature of the Federal Government vehicle, and hardware in the vehicle.

Now you asking yourself, how you can get in on the action?  We all want Federal Government vehicles, and we definitely don’t want to overpay the resellers or parts dealers who are usually buying inventory at these auctions.  We want well-priced vehicles, and we don’t want to stay up late watching TV – waiting for a sketchy infomercial to come on and tell you that you can own a brand new car for pennies on the dollar (highly unlikely).  We don’t want to spend hours looking through newspapers, and local shopping guides.  We want it to be simple, safe, easy and most importantly, we want to be able to search quickly.  So save yourself some time and activate your free trial here.  Then search through the thousands of listings, to find what you are looking for…you know that Humvee that you like so much.  Then with some shrewd bidding, you may just end up owning a Humvee.

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