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Friday, May 3, 2013

BMW R-SERIES, One Way Ticket to Glory

BMW R-SeriesGood things come to those who wait. And for those who have been waiting patiently all year for their dream motorcycle, the time has arrived. This BMW R-Series motorcycle is available at an upcoming online auction, but not much is known about the model or year of this motorcycle, though by appearances alone, it appears to be a mid 2000s model. All we know right now is that it is a very sleek and powerful bike that will be sure to attract a ton of attention when the time comes to bid on it.

The motorcycle itself is based in Utah. Those interested should definitely try and keep up with news on this particular auction. If you want a new motorcycle, it’ll be tough to say no to this monochrome masterpiece of a bike. Your dreams of blazing across the country without obstacles will soon become reality if you can get your hands on this motorcycle. Plan accordingly and save up for the bidding process.

Register for your free trial if you want exclusive access to a slew of car and motorcycle auctions happening throughout the country on a daily basis. While you wait for the day this motorcycle goes up for auction, you can also check out all these auto auctions going on in the meantime.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

2003 Harley Davidson FLHR/I Road King

2003 harleyUp for grabs in this upcoming live auction based in Jacksonville, Florida is this 2003 Harley Davidson FLHR/I Road King—a flashy, respectable bike that even comes with a limited promotional “100th anniversary” plate. So in addition to a sweet new ride, you get a little piece of Harley Davidson motorcycle history.

Featuring 1,450 CC and a 2-cyclinder engine, and with only about 22K miles registered in its decade of existence, this Harley has plenty of juice left for you to enjoy for years to come. What makes it all better is that its going rate will be a bargain compared to most Harley brands at actual dealerships. Low mileage, great price for a special edition Harley motorcycle? Why hesitate?

If you’re in the Jacksonville area of Florida, take the time to go check out this auction and this Harley. In the meantime, you can also check out all of these auto auctions after you register for your free trial and start hunting down all the great bargains today.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Auto Auctions in The “Eureka” State!

chevy blzerDid you know that California’s state motto is Eureka!, a Greek word translated “I have found it!” The motto was adopted in 1849 and alludes to the discovery of gold in the Sierra Nevada. While you may not find any gold in California anymore you can certainly find an incredible auto auction instead!

This car auction, like many you will find, is the first step to finding a great deal on a vehicle. This auction is online only for a beautiful sea-foam green 2004 Chevy Silverado! If you are the highest bidder on this auction you are going to save big and walk away with a great new truck!

Some auctions you find may be live and others may be online only, like this one. Either way, you will walk away a happy customer for sure. The options are limitless as you can search for a car, motorcycle, truck, SUV, or anything else with some wheels that needs a license to drive! Maybe you’ll find something you didn’t know you needed?

All you need to do is bid on the item, have the highest bid, pay for the car you’ve already won, and drive that sucker home! Most of the time, either the state, federal, or local government seizes these vehicles. For example, you can have a 2004 Hyundai Sonata traveling across the border with illegal substances in the car. If that car gets stopped, and it’s in United States grounds, that car will be seized by either the state or federal government and then auctioned off to some lucky member of the public.

When you do a quick search for auto auctions in the California area, you will surely see dozens and dozens of great cars for sale. These vehicles range in condition, and will also vary in value. You are not going to get a brand new car for $30, but you can obtain an older model car for under $1000. We have seen cars come down the auction block from scrap metal to brand new—heaps of screws to straight off the lot condition. You simply need to get down to your local California auto auction check out these vehicles or you can get started right here!

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